Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What is the SAIRYŌ platform?

SAIRYŌ’s online livestreaming platform provides artists a new innovative way to live  stream talent in any form.  We allow artists to connect with their audiences from the  most popular social platforms by hosting events, with core live streaming coming along  with cool features to better engage with the audience.  We are backed by industry-known  payment systems which enable artist and charity donations from your audience.

Q: What is SAIRYŌ creative label?

Our creative label is focused on local artists and performers anywhere in theworld.  We are looking for talent in any space (Musician, Band, Dancer, Artist, Chef, Comedian, etc) in English, Frenchand Spanish at this time with more languages to come.  We can help nurture talent through audio andvideo production, filmography, business, and other creative means to ensure the best of your talent is given to the market.

Q: How much does it cost to use the platform?

There are no fees, we are forever free. You can support an artist or donate to COVIDrelief.  We will be opening to allow artists to specify a charity in the future. There will be additional features that will be paid for both artist and users in the future.    

Q: How much do I need to donate?

You can donate however much you want. Don’t feel pressured to donate if you can’tafford it. There are many ways to help the artists other than donating, you can also help by promoting them and/or reposting our posts on your social media accounts.

Q: How do I use the platform? What is the Interactive guide?

The interactive guide walks new users through the functionality and navigation ofthe website. Pop-ups will appear across the website as you traverse it. Once a pop-up is closed, it won’t appear again. If you would like to disable the interactive guide, head to the Account Settings page and uncheck it. If youwant to reset the interactive guide and re-display all the pop-ups, click the“Reset interactive guide” button below the toggle switch.


Q: How do I change my password?

While logged into your account, navigate to the Account Settings page, select “ChangeYour Password”, and follow the prompts on-screen.

Q: How do I change my email address?

While logged into your account, navigate to the Account Settings page, select “ChangeYour Email”, and follow the prompts on-screen.

Q: How do I deleted my account?

We’re sorry to hear that you want to leave! To delete your account, submit a ticket requesting to delete your account using our Contact Us page that can be found in the footer of our website. Include the username, personal name, and emailaddress attached to the account. A member of our team will contact you within 5 business days to process your request.

Q: What are the public contact email and phone number for? How is it different than theemail address connected to my account?

The public contact fields are made public on your profile so users can contact you usingthem. Both fields are optional. Unlike your main email address, public contact points aren’t linked to your account and can’t be used to sign in.

Q: I don’t feel comfortable inputting my location. Is it necessary?

We understand your concern and your safety and privacy is our top priority! For this reason, we have made exact locations optional. However, the Country of Residence andCity fields are mandatory. Our API will find an average area based on the Country/City that you input upon event creation to display your event on ourinteractive map. If you have any concerns or further questions, contact us at

For Creators

Q: How can I make my content more interesting?

There are many ways to help promote and engage your audience. Focus on yourparticular category type, and think about what really engages the audience? For more information to help keep your audience engaged, visit our “Tricks andTips” page to help give you ideas.

Q: How can I collect audience support for my art?

SAIRYŌ performances are live, but it should always be considered that by sharing your music or art on any social platform, you are giving others the chance to view your creative material.  We suggest creating a live stream of your art or an interesting topic.

Q: How can I prepare my venue for livestreaming?

If you are a venue with live performances looking to expand your outreach and broadcast your entertainment over the web, SAIRYŌ has created a playbook with everything you need to know on how to succeed on our platform. It can be accessed by clicking this link. If you have any further questions or uncertainties, you can contact our center of excellence at

Q: How much can I make using the SAIRYŌ platform?

There are many factors that come into play when talking about your artist income suchas your following, active users, merchandise, and type of content, etc. However, we can provide you with the percentages that you will get from each purchase a viewer makes.

Q: What percentage of the profits does SAIRYŌ take?

Donations Restricted Livestreams Subscriptions Chat & In App purchases Merchandise Ad Revenue Blockchain
Creator/Venue 90% 80% 90% 80% 30% 50% 80%
SAIRYŌ* 10% 20% 10% 20% 70% 50% 20%

Q: Why do you take a cut of the profit from every donation, restricted stream, digitalgood, etc.?

As you are aware, SAIRYŌ is being developed and maintained by a dedicated team ofartists and engineers. The cut we take from your profits is put towards the development of our platform and to pay of other 3rd party services that we leverage on our platform.

Q: How can I withdraw my money?

To withdraw your money, navigate to the transactions tab and open the payouts section. From there, click the Withdraw button and finish submitting your request. A member of our team will contact you within 5 business days to finalize your request.

Q: How will SAIRYŌ protect my privacy? Is my personal information safe?

Of course. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties or anyone else. For more information, see our privacy policy.  Also, your payment information will not be stored with us (that’s handled by our payment processor, Stripe, the best in the business).


Q: What is re-streaming and how do I use it?

Restreaming allows you to link your livestream from another social media platform with yourevent here on SAIRYŌ. When your event goes live, the stream link will be available for viewers to access. You can include multiple platforms with each event along with a main platform that your event on SAIRYŌ will broadcast. These social media platforms include (but are not limited to): Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. If it has a web link, it’s supported!

Q: What are restricted events?

The SAIRYŌ platform has 3 types of events, 2 of which are restricted. Restricted events work by preventing users from accessing or viewing the livestream until aninitial payment is made.
·        Free events are available to anyone in the public. Viewers can enter the stream and interact with the creator without any limitations.
·        Paid events require viewers to pay a flat fee before they can have access to the stream and all its functionality.
·        Donation events are like paid events with the fact that viewers are required to pay a fee before gaining access to the stream. However, they can donate more money than the minimum amount input by the event creator.

Q: Why should I restrict events?

Restricting access to your events will create a new revenue stream that will passively generate more income for your live performances.

Q: How do restricted events work?

When re-streaming an event from another platform you need to make sure the livestream is made private or un-listed so it can’t be accessed from outside of our platform.

Q: How do I setup a restricted event?

If you’re streaming directly from the SAIRYŌ platform, all you have to do is select the type of restricted event you would like to stream, input a monetary value, and create your event. Users will be required to make a payment before viewing your stream.

If you are re-streaming from a third party, ensure that your stream is either unlisted, or set to private before inputting the livestreaming address into SAIRYŌ.This will ensure that it can’t be accessed by the public outside of our platform.

Q: What are private events?

If an event is marked as private, it will not be visible to the public eye. Itwon’t appear on your profile, nor in any search results. The only way to access this stream is by using the events unique link. This is a great way to test your new streaming setup or to host a personal stream with friends!

Q: Why does it ask for a Zoom link during event creation?

During event creation, you can insert a Zoom link for users to join while you livestream! This is completely optional, but it can bring a lot of opportunities for your next stream! How you use it is up to you, but here are a few possible scenarios:
·        If you’re a yoga instructor, you can encourage viewers to display themselves following along with your instructions so that you can give them pointers to elevate their experience.
·        You can host a talent show and have viewers take turns showing off their skills for the livestream.
·        Streamers can invite guests to play games with them and display their faces for the audience.
·        Hold a dance party and encourage your viewers to join along!

Q: I joined Zoom but there’s no sound. 

Don’t worry, you’re not doing it wrong. Connect to the artists live stream to listen,then join the Zoom party in another window to dance and have fun with otherpeople also watching the livestream. Generally, that’s how it works, but the artist will specify exactly the instructions. For a Yoga instructor vs. a DJ it may differ and that’s all the fun, the varying experiences.

Event Map

Q: What is the event map?

The event map leverages the Google Maps API to provide viewers with a new way to browse events. The map displays all currently live events across the globe, allowing you to seek nearby events or even browse artists in other countries.

Q: What if I stream virtual events and not in-person events. Will they still appear on the map?

Yes, they will! Though the map can be used to browse local shows, we highly suggest that users use it to discover artists across the globe and experience new cultures!

Q: I don’t feel comfortable sharing my exact location. How will my events appear on the map? Will they even display?

We understand your concern and your safety and privacy is our top priority! For this reason, we have made exact locations optional. If you do not have anaddress associated to your account, our API will find an average area based on the Country/City that you input upon event creation. If you have any concerns or further questions, contact us at

Digital Store and NFTs

Q: Someone else is uploading and selling content that I’ve created. They do not have ownership of this content. What should I do?

Contact us immediately at with proof of ownership and we can escalate to our team. Proof of ownership can vary by the type of digital content, but usually raw files before the project has been exported is a good indication that you’re the original creator.

Q: What are NFTs?

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique assets with distinct signatures that are used to designate and verify ownership of the assets. Think of it as the signature on an original painting. No two NFTs are the same as they’ll always have a different signature.

Q: What’s the difference between a regular digital good and an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) link ownership of a digital asset to an owner. Unlike regular digital goods, upon purchasing the NFT, ownership of the item gets transferred directly to you.

Q: What happens when you purchase an NFT?

NFTs have a different process after being purchased. Upon purchasing an NFT, a contract is created for that digital good using the item name, description, and media file. The contract is then minted on the Ethereum blockchain and you are provided with the needed credentials to access the NFT over email or through our platform. To make things easier for our users, NFTs are initially minted into SAIRYŌ’s wallet. If you would like to transfer ownership of the NFT into your own wallet, you can submit a request using our contact form in the footer of our website. A member of our team will reach out to you within 5 business days to proceed with the process.


Q: What is SAIRCOIN?

To ensure that venue operators and artists receive credit and recognition for their streams and other digital media, SAIRYŌ is developing its own cryptocurrency called SAIRCOIN.

Q: What is a crypto currency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized digital currency that uses a cryptographic to verify and record transactions in the blockchain. This allows users to purchase, sell, or trade them securely.

Q: What can I do with SAIRCOINs?

SAIRCOIN sallow users to instantaneously purchase restricted events, emotes in chats, donations, and digital goods within our platform.


Q: What is Expo?

Expo is a way for creators and venue operators to express themselves. It’s a gallery that will grow alongside your career! With 10 image slots and 1 video slot, you need to be strategic with how you use them.

Q: A creator has posted explicit content/content that does not belong to them on their Expo. What should I do?

If a user is breaking any guidelines, report them to our staff at Include important information such as their username, their public name, and 3 of their events so we can confirm the user. Describe the issue in detail and include screenshots. As we are a small team, we are unable to monitor all the content that gets pushed on the SAIRYŌ platform so we greatly appreciate your contribution to our community!

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