Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is SAIRYŌ?

SAIRYŌ is a digital platform and music label. We are building the next generation of digital live streaming including a digital wallet and immersive reality. Our artist configured video production will delight fans. Each share of revenue will be directly paid back to artists from advertising, merchandise, or fan support.

Artists having these features and control over their artistic vision will create a better online user experience for both the artist and the audience. We believe enriched online experiences will lead to deeper human connections and empowerment of artists both creatively and financially.

SAIRYŌ’s music label also focuses on empowering independent artists through music production, filmography, live streaming, digital media and/or artist marketing. For Artists. By Artists™️

Q: I'm a Fan. How do watch livestreams and engage with artists?

You can watch re-streams on SAIRYŌ especially YouTube and Twitch directly on the Event Page. You can search anytime and browse the live streams, including attending a live stream (if it’s free). You can sign up either as an Artist or Attendee. As a fan you can search on live streams anywhere in the world, even in your local community. You can donate to artists and help support them direct. You can easily find artists wherever they are in the world, subscribe to live streams and subscribe to artists. We have a ton of cool features that will allow fan and artists to interact together coming soon!

Q: So how do I use SAIRYŌ if I’m an artist today?

Create a profile with all your social links. Artists and Fans can subscribe to each other and content and posts will show on the Home Feed. Artists can create new events and re-stream from SAIRYŌ from any other channel. By creating an event they will have a URL which links either via mobile or desktop to allow Artist to get payments. Merchandise is coming soon, games and other subscription models which will allow the artist to get paid for every single share thereby empowering artists. We are excited by this model of direct support during a difficult time for artists, where they are challenged to constantly create music, distribute and perform.

Q: When will Livestreaming on SAIRYŌ directly be available?

Artist livestreaming on SAIRYŌ will be very different. Immersive, production audio and video enablement and self-configured options to build the best stream possible so you and your fans can connect. This engagement will drive higher creativity for artists, find new and upcoming artists quicker and allow them to be more financially independent.

Q: I’m a Fan. How do I support an artist, and how much do I need to donate?

You can support the artist in multiple ways, either through a small donation via In-App Purchase, Major Credit Card. We have multiple other ways coming including merchandise, subscriptions and games including fans being able to connect directly with artists on livestreams and VIP. Every single donation all amounts go directly to the artist, except for the processing fees!
You can donate however much you want. Don’t feel pressured to donate if you can’t afford it. There are many ways to help the artists other than donating, you can also help by promoting them and/or reposting our posts on your social media accounts. Everything on the platform will go direct to the artist excluding any fees, we are building creativity and financial freedom for the artist.

Q: What platform do I use to re-stream on SAIRYŌ? The video on my event page says “Unable to be Played”. Help!

We recommend using YouTube as the core platform to restream on SAIRYŌ. You can enter all the core platforms you stream and the fan can decide as well. Ensure if you are restreaming that in your options for YouTube, Twitch or any other platform you enable the “Allow Embedded” feature.  For example in YouTube, click on “Edit Video”, “More Options”, and click on “Allow Embedding” which will enable embedding to other websites to re-stream. Some pages such as Instagram don’t allow it as they want all traffic on their platform. YouTube and Twitch do allow it for example. YouTube instructions can be found here YouTube Embedding Instructions

While this isn’t mandatory, adding a video, this will make the Event Page more interesting to the user.  This is the page they will see on any device and be able to support you, buy your merchandise, subscribe for fee, chat and do a ton of other features rolling out shortly. Core video livestreaming directly on SAIRYŌ is coming but it will be different than anything you have ever seen before!

Q: How much does it cost to use SAIRYŌ?

Free! SAIRYŌ will be forever free for the artist and fan. There will be additional options as we move towards the larger releases and full live streaming capability. We share revenue with the artist with majority going to the artist.

Q: How can I make my content more interesting?

You can use your social media streaming platform of choice: Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube etc. Any web streaming URL on the web actually. Until we introduce the next generation live streaming capability that will truly engage you and the audience with video and augmented reality.

Q: How can I collect audience support for my art?

SAIRYŌ performances are LIVE, but it should always be considered that by sharing your music or art on any social platform, you are giving others the chance to view your creative material. We suggest creating a live stream of your art or an interesting topic.

Q: What are the fees for using the apps for artists?

All charges coming from payments made to an artist from the fan.

On all major credit cards. 5%

On all in app purchases 40%

On BitPay (Cryptos) 3%

As you know Apple and Google both take a hefty payment of 30% for all in app purchases. This is why we are building out our own internal currency and redemption tied to BitCoins FX so artists can keep all of the share of money. We are committed to building a community whereby we share every single dollar made on the platform including revenue merchandising, advertising etc. For more information see our Terms and Conditions.

Payments will be shortly automated to your bank accounts anywhere in the world. For now, we are using PayPal however that will change in the future to be direct and automated. We also are working on BitCoins for faster payment after you have finished your livestream.

Q: How can I trust SAIRYŌ?

We are a team of artists focused on empowering artists. Our platform has gone through significant reviews with Apple, Google, and Stripe. We are committed to privacy of your data you can see our Privacy Policy. Our core infrastructure is on Amazon and protected via 256 bit encryption so your data and privacy is protected. You can also see more at TrustPilot

Q: When creating an Event I can’t touch “Event cost”?

Event cost is coming soon and for now all events are free to access but when we launch our live stream capability the event cost could be restricted for access based on payments, that decision is up to the artist. The artist will charge for entering that livestream at a hopefully nominal cost allowing the artist to directly get paid either via BitCoins or Dollars.

“Enabling Donations” is also disabled at this time as we work through the regulations globally with charities and distribution of funds directly with a partner specializing in charity fufillment. This will allow Artists to specify % or direct to charity or not at all on Artist setup and Event creation.

Q: How long will it take to get paid?

We trigger payments 5+ business days after it clears to your PayPal account. We try to ensure its swift and quick. Our goal is to continue to reduce processing times over the long term with more payment options direct to your bank account. We have other payment options that will allow you to get paid the same day coming soon. This will be listed as Payouts in the app coming shortly. At this time you will receive emails from us.

Q: It mentions bitcoins and cryptography, what’s the deal?

We are building our own currency and going to be leveraging a known global crypto solution for redemption and payments that will allow for instant payments to artists. This will be coming soon. Speed is critical to get money to artists as quickly as possible.

Q: What is a Zoom party?

When the artist adds a Zoom party ID (usually with embedded password) to your stream, it will have a dedicated button to join. You can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other provider. One click access URL is preferred. At the time of the event you can also be with the artist or together with people watching the same stream. We recommend artists setting this up when they have 20 or more people watching their live streams. As we rollout full live streaming capability this will be fused into the livestream depending on your artist needs - Yoga Teacher is fundamentally different from a Techno DJ to a Comedy Show to a Rock Band.

Q: Are Zoom / Video parties fun?

Yes, they absolutely are! You can meet people from different parts of the world, and even locally as we broaden live streaming capability. Each Zoom (or Teams) is run by the individual artist meeting account and SAIRYŌ isn’t responsible nor manages any individual Zoom account. Currently they are strictly for adults aged 18 and older. If you would like to report any issues, contact us at

Q: What is SAIRYŌ creative label?

Our creative label is focused on local artists and performers anywhere in the world. We are looking for talent in any space (Musician, Band, Dancer, Artist, Chef, Comedian, etc) in English, French and Spanish at this time with more languages to come. We can help nurture talent through audio and video production, filmography, business and other creative means to ensure the best of your talent is given to the market. If you have talent you want to showcase email us at

Q: How will SAIRYŌ protect my privacy? Is my personal information safe?

Of course. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties or anyone else. Also, your payment information will not be stored with us (that’s handled by our payment processor, Stripe, one of the best in the business). For more information see our Privacy Policy.

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