Welcome  To  Sairyō.

SAIRYŌ Is Built for artists.

SAIRYŌ is a creative music label and digital platform.  Our label focuses on empowering independent artists through music production, filmography, live streaming, digital media and/or marketing. We also specialize in creating “fusion” via the untraditional pairing of different forms of music.

In today’s fast paced world, artists need more creative control and better capability to engage with their audience.

SAIRYŌ is building the next generation of digital live streaming. Artists having features and control over their artistic vision will create a better online user experience for both the artist and the audience. While this is a long-term journey, we believe enriched online experiences will lead to deeper human connections and empowerment of artists both creatively and financially.

Join us on the journey!

Apps Coming Sept 2020. Pre-Register for a free account below:

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