For Artists.

By Artists.

SAIRYŌ is building the next generation of digital live streaming including a digital wallet and immersive reality. Each share of revenue would be directly paid back to artists from advertising, merchandise, or fan support.

Artists having these features and control over their artistic vision will create a better online user experience for both the artist and the audience. We believe enriched online experiences will lead to deeper human connections and empowerment of artists both creatively and financially.

“Amazing Platform. Really love the energy of this team and where the app is heading to help musicians.”
Maria Lopez, Local Solo Artist
“SAIRYO is all about creativity, especially as I work towards my first album. I'm really excited about the platform and helping artists globally .”
Moun, Sairyō Artist in French Hip Hop

Develop Your Creativity.

Connect With Your Audience.

Share your creativity and talent with viewers from all over the world.

Accept Payments &

Donations From Fans

Take support payments using any payment mechanism including Credit Cards and In-App Purchases. More features include cryptography coming. You are in control.

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